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New Wrinkle Publishing will be hosting a fun giveaway with cool prizes next week! All you have to do to enter (if you haven’t already) is leave a review for Archie of Outlandish on Goodreads and/or Amazon. You’ll get one entry for each review! So if you..

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Our boys are busy creating the 4th episode in their (mostly silly, but not as silly as their James Bond movies) Sherlock series. They’ve titled this one, “Sensei Jekyll and Mr. Clyde”. I adore my dramatic boys.

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Review: Archie of Outlandish

I discovered this new review of Archie of Outlandish this weekend. How can I not love that a reader from West Ireland found my story to be, “Perhaps the sweetest story I’ve ever read.” Archie’s story was meant to be sweet, inspiring, clever and yes, even..

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ARCHIE OF OUTLANDISH by Lynnette Kraft , Abigail Kraft | Kirkus Reviews

Today, as an author, I’m celebrating a really great Kirkus review of my book, Archie of Outlandish. If one reader finds value in my story, I’m greatly encouraged and use that as motivation to write the next thing. I know that professional reviewers are..

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Writing from a bland brain is impossible. Sitting on my sofa yesterday–computer on lap–that was me. Uninspired. I walked outside for a breather and found life around me. Stunning colors… subtle messages… approaching life… all invigorating (and..

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My heart says, “Write.” My butt says, “Exercise”. My taste buds say, “Eat Girl Scout cookies.” My lazy bones say, “Watch tv.” My mind says, “Clean the house.” What’s a woman to do? Listen to her heart, right? Right. <3 WRITE. <3

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Coolest Concert Ever? Hear Ice Instruments Play Beautiful Music | Short Film Showcase

People have such a variety of unique skills, talents and passions! <3 Check out this man (Tim Linhart) who makes instruments from ice and has even created an ice house concert hall! Amazing!

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A spirit can be refreshed in a single moment of beholding something glorious.

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Have you created a character you love? Would you like to see that character illustrated? New Wrinkle Publishing is hosting a fun little contest where you could win an illustration of your character by Abigail Kraft – Artist/Illustrator! ENTER HERE:

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New Wrinkle Publishing

I’m in love with the charming new cover for Archie of Outlandish! Go see it! <3

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